Antibacterial Locks and Security Hardware 

Alot has changed since Covid 19 and lock manufactures are conforming to a new way of life. Companies like Kwikset and Baldwin for instance are making locks and door knobs with antimicrobal technology that kills germs and bacteria on the surface of the lock. The most popular technology to date is called Microban Antimicrobal Technology and it was built to keep you safe from biological threats. We are currently recommending all locks that are being used for entry by more then one person to be changed to this type of lock as a precation.

Locks that get used on a daily basis by more then one person can get dirty and becuase of Covid 19 we need to take as many precautions as possible. It is not always possible for us to limit our exposure to things that can cause us harm and locks are no exception. Lock manufactures needed a way to curb the collection of harmful germs and bacteria so this technology was born. Once the germs touch the surface of the lock, the technology kills them immediatly. You can buy these locks and security hardware from all major companies and in all usages. They look just like your standard locks but with an extra layer of security and we highly recommend them to all of our customers.