How to properly Identify Customers who need locksmith service

Locksmiths that are are providing emergency lockout service to their customers are required to properly identify and determine the validity of the legal ownership or occupancy rights of the customers.

The best way to determine the legal rights to the property is by asking to see goverment identification with the clients name and picture, and matching address to the property. If the client is unable to provide proof of residency then it is illegal to open the door.

The second method that can be used is valid goverment issued identification and if the address does not match, it must be supplied with mail that has the address in question with a matching name to the identification. However to make a proper determination if the customer trully has rights to occupy the property and legally open the door, a minimum of two or three neighbors as well as the property manager if available,  is required for the locksmith to make a valid determination. 

It must be understood that if the locksmith fails to properly identify and illegally opens the door to the property. then the locksmith can be charged by the police for illegal entry to the property in question. 

Many potential customers belive that if they call a locksmith to open a door, that the locksmith will not ask for identification. Some try to have people vouch over the phone, and carry unauthorized letters or documentaion, but this is not valid. In many cases customers have felt insulted that i asked for ID. ” IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW THE CUSTOMER FEELS, THEY MUST HAVE VALID ID”. The same goes for lost car keys, they must have valid proof of ownership or show legal rights to the automobile to make a new car key. below we will go into how we properly identify for car key replacments.

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