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Antimicrobial Door Handles and Locks 

Many of our customers are asking us, if we have a lock that we recommend that will protect them from germs, and viruses. We are the first locksmith in Westchester, NY to install locks and door knobs with Microban Antimicrobial Technology. We have many locks and door knobs to choose from that will keep your home and business safe from an unseen enemy such as Covid 19 and the Flu.

These locks were crafted after the spread of Covid and will become very popular in the near future. They have a technology that is called antimicrobial and it is a ouuter substance that works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungus by suppressing microorganism reproduction. This gives an additional level of added protection against harmful bacteria such that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration. 

Microban protection is built into the finish of locks and door knobs by lock manufacturers such as Kwikset and Baldwin Locks just to name a few. When bacteria comes into contact with the products surface, the Microban protection will start to penetrate the cell killing it on contact and making it unable to grow and reproduce.