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Welcomte, if you need new car keys or smart keys, you have come to the right place. Our 24/7 automotive locksmith service has a dedicated auto specialist that makes new car keys for all makes and models of domestic and foreign vehicles like Honda and Ford.

We specialize in replacing lost or stolen car keys and we repair your broken ignitions if they will not work. Our car locksmith has everything from car keys, key fobs, and smart keys so you do not need to tow your car to the dealership. This is how it works.

We are your local auto locksmith company, and we will go to any location in Westchester, Orange, Dutchess and Putnum County. More important, we give our customers on site service, we make your car key at the location of the automobile. We will have the exact key for your car, truck, or motorcycle, and we will use our key machine to make you a new laser key from scratch. 

Once we know that the key fits and turns the ignition, we will program the key because the cars onboard computer needs to recognize the key blank. This is how we replace the key we are originating or duplicating. If the key has a remote attached to it, Our 24 Hour car key locksmith will then program the remote to work as well. It will be as if you received a new car key from the dealership but our prices are better and we come to you.

Please feel free to call anytime for more information from a qualified auto locksmith. Our prices are fair and we offer a six month warranty on all of our auto services. We can be reached at (914)919-9339.We are available to speak 24 hours, day and night.

  • Emergency Service: Emergency situations can happen at almost anytime, and if you find your self locked out of your home, car of business in Orange County, NY, then look no further. Our locksmith company is fast and local, but more importantly we care about our customers. We will send our very best emergency locksmiths to help you, if you are locked out or in need of assistance. Just give us a call for the best local emergency locksmith service in Orange County!
  • Residential Locksmith Service: Our residentai locksmiths are some of the best in the industry. With more then 20 years of experience, installing locks, doors, window gates, garage doors, home video surveillance we can make sure that your property is as safe as can be. Our residentail locksmith service is fast and affordable, plus we give free estimates, and a full warranty. Call us anytime, day or night to scheduale an appointment.
  • Auto Locksmith Service: Do you need a car or smart key replacment? We offer our customers fast on location replacment key and duplication services, anywhere in Orange County, New York. Our auto locksmith professionals will go to your location and make you a new working key or smart key on the spot. With our Orange County, locksmith service, you will never get stuck or locked out of your automobile again.
  • Commercial Lock Service: Do you own a business or commercial property? Do you need to change your locks or bring them up to code? if you do, we are simply the best commercial locksmiths in Orange County, NY. With more then 20 years of experience our locksmiths are very familer with commercial locks and installations. We can install and repair commercial locks fast. Our locksmiths are knowlegable of the latest technology and laws and will help you secure your property. 
  • Question: What is a service charge? A service call is a minimum charge for the locksmith to go to a location. The service charge can vary from one locksmith company to another, but is usually determined based on time of day or night and if the request from the locksmith customer is an emergency which requires an immediate appointment. Our service charge is usually $25 for day time hours and will never exceed $50 regardless of the time or circumstance. Note, all service fees are required to be paid regardless of if you keep or cancel the appointment.
  • How do you open a lock for a home or business? The way our Westchester locksmith service opens a lock, could vary. In the perfect situation, we have a three step process to open your locks and get you into your home or business. Step one to open your lock if you are locked out, would be to use a lock pick to try and open your door. This method is not intrusive and will not damage your locks. The is especially useful if you have a spare set of keys that you do not have access to such as behind the locked door. The next step that we use is, a door shim. Door shims only work with locks that are latch based, such as door knobs. Your local locksmith will slide a thin piece of plastic or metal in between your door and frame to move the latch and open the door. Step three is used if the previous two steps do not work, such as if you have a lock that is a deadbolt or high security lock. The method used for this situation is a drill and it is used to penetrate the lock. This method will damage the lock and make it inoperable.
  •  Do we make car keys? Yes our 24 Hour Westchester Locksmith Company makes and duplicates automotive keys for both foreign and domestic cars and trucks. Our local locksmith service will drive to your location and make you a car key on the spot. If your car key or smart key needs to be programmed, our car locksmith will program the key fob as well. Our licensed locksmiths have a wide range of car keys and smart keys for your automotive keys and we can provide fast auto locksmith service to any location within, Westchester, Putnum, Dutchess, orange and Rockland Counties.
  • Do we open cars and trucks? our 24/7 emergency locksmith service can open almost any car or truck. Our tools car opening tools allow us to easily open your automobile with no damage to your property. We have more then 20 years of experience which allows us to offer you the best auto locksmith services that are available in the lower Hudson NY, area.
  • Do we copy house keys? Although our locksmiths have the ability to copy any key on the market, we do not provide that service because we are mobile. That service would require each and every 24 hour mobile locksmith to carry hundreds of key types, and key blanks. However when our customers install new locks or rekey existing locks, we do provide at least two key copies for the new or existing locks.
  • What kind of locks do we have in stock. Our locksmiths carry most common locks for commercial and residential properties. If the lock that you need is not in stock, we can order the lock and in most cases have it for you within 24 hours. 
  • How long does it take for your locksmith to arrive? Our locksmith service is quick when you need us to be. When you need an emergency locksmith because of a lockout for instance, we can usually have someone arrive within the hour. If you would like to scheduale an appointment, we offer same day service and night service as well.
  • Will your locksmith open a lock without identfication? We do not open any locks on homes, businesses, or automobiles, without proper identification. You must have a goverment ID with your name and address that matches the location that we are providing service to. In many cases your locksmith may request that you knock on your neighbors door for furthur proof of residence for varification purposes. When opening a car or truck, the customer must have proof of ownership or proof that they are the designated operator of that automobile, such as title, registration and insurance as well as goverment ID that matches the documentation. 
  • What areas does your locksmith service cover? Our 24 hour locksmith company, offers service in the following areas! Westchester County, Putnum County, Dutchess County, Rockland County and Orange County. 
  • Does your company except payments through insurance companies? Only if your insurance company is willing to make the payment at the time of service.
  • How long does it take for a locksmith to arrive in an emergency? Our locksmiths are always ready to help you. Therefore we try and get to customers that are in an emergency quickly. The usual time it will take for our locksmiths to arrive ranges from 30 – 60 minutes in most cases.
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Karin Voss-Ruiz
Karin Voss-Ruiz
I had lost my only key fob and they came right away, replaced and programmed a new fob for me in no time at almost half of what the dealership would have charged. They were extremely professional, quick and pleasant. Highly recommend.
Michael Kuttles
Michael Kuttles
So my kids locked us out of our Apartment last night. Called 24 hr Westchester Locksmith, and Ron was at my door 20 minutes later! Nicest guy, and a very fair price. Extremely knowledgeable about his trade. He’s now on my speed dial, although I hope I won’t have to call him too often 🤷‍♂️
Ms. Santa Varbaro
Ms. Santa Varbaro
Ron was quick to respond to my needs for a new lock. He came to inspect, ordered the new lock and installed. Very reliable, good communication.
Nick Cabutto
Nick Cabutto
Good experience on time work with good the dude was friendly
Nick Fusco
Nick Fusco
First time trying a random locksmith located near me and wow I was impressed . Ron was courteous , kind , helpful , and even offered help on the phone . Turns out a key was located when he was on his way and he turned around and would not accept any payment . Truly someone who deserves business. Thank
Dave Cazeau
Dave Cazeau
Locksmith was at my home within the hour of me calling, and had my issue resolved in 20 minutes. Fast and reliable service.
Jacklyn Villanueva
Jacklyn Villanueva
Locked out and panicked; I broke my own lock and Ronnie within 25mins of me calling by problem was fixed. Not just fixed but installed a brand new lock. I messed up; so I had to pay for my mistake and poor judgement on breaking my own lock. Ronnie got it done. I’m grateful.
Kyle O'Connor
Kyle O'Connor
Ron at Westchester Locksmith was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend anyone in need of a locksmith to put him on your speed dial Marian O’Connor
Arturo Paiva
Arturo Paiva
Ronnie at 24hr Westchester Locksmith was amazing. I called with an emergency and he responded within thirty minutes. He not only took care of my emergency, but also installed another lock while on site. I recommend this company to anyone who needs services, emergency or otherwise. I was expecting the price to be alot higher then I paid, very reasonable.



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