Locksmith Service For Commercial Property

Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Lock Installations & Repairs

Commercial properties and businesses need a locksmith that is familiar with industrial security applications, such as Detex fire exit locks and panic bars. These types of properties need a skilled technician that can handle the installations and repair of office locks and master key systems for cities like Yonkers or White Plains. Office buildings and businesses in Westchester need a commercial locksmith that sells commercial grade lock-sets such as lever handles and door fire safety equipment made by companies like Marks and Ilco because they build high quality security products.

Commercial locks have more options and durability

Commercial properties have hundreds if not thousands of lock variations with different functions and whats even crazier is that every city has different laws, so the type of locks that you may install in New York City, may not be legal for Westchester as an example. Local Locksmith for Westchester that they know the commercial building codes for the city that your business is in.

Commercial locks are graded by quality and strength

When buying locks for your business from a local Westchester locksmith, always ask what grade and brand the locks are. Commercial security hardware gets graded by quality and durability, and they also make Chinese branded locks to mimic the original manufactures such as Arrow and Adams Rite. They look like the real thing and in many cases they are good, but they just will not last as long as the American lock manufacturers. Commercial grade locks are tested thoroughly by the manufacturer for the amount of times they can be used before they will break. For instance door hinges for glass hurculite doors will get graded on the amount of rotations that they can handle and electric strikes will also get graded on how strong they are by the amount of pounds of pressure they can endure before being forcibly opened.

Magnetic locks and electronic access control

Many Commercial locksmith companies in White Plains or the city of Yonkers, prefer to install magnetic locks because they are very strong and almost impossible to open without breaking the door. Magnetic locks and electric strikes are great because you can add extra levels of security to these locks by implementing bio access devices such as finger print readers, key fobs, cards etc. This helps a property owner control security by eliminating the use of keys. When using a key, in many cases an employee can make a key copy, cards and key fobs are extremely hard to duplicate, and must by accessed by a computer that is connected to the device that is being used for security. This also allows you to make an employees card or key fob unusable without having to change the security system.

When you use a standard lock, you will need to rekey the lock and make new keys for everyone. Another option would be to use high security locks which require a code to make copies but it is not always guaranteed. The do make special keys for high security locks that would be exclusive to a specific locksmith or even a specific building or large company which means that even if someone has the code, they cant reproduce they key but it would be your responsibility to get they key back. When dealing with the numerous locks and doors always consult with a locksmith that is located in Westchester, New York for the appropriate services.

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