These are the best locks that you should have on your home or business

As a licensed Westchester locksmith company, we have several recommendations of locks that we like for both residential and commercial use. The brands that we have listed below are the locks that we like the most. We will attempt to explain in detail which locks we like the best by the time that this article is through. Lets start off now.

Residential locksets for your home

The first residential lockset that we like for your home is Schlage. It is what the industry considers a standard lock and they make numerous models. When purchasing Schlage locks for your home you will need the deadbolt and door knob or lever handle, and when purchased together they come on the same key. What I like about this lock is that it is difficult to open. Most standard locks are simple but the Schlage Deadbolt come with an extra layer of security, which makes it harder to open with a drill. It will be very loud trying to get through this lock and that’s what criminals try and avoid. this is the reason why Westchester Locksmith Company recommends Schlage deadbolt locks
We suggest high security locks for protection against lock picking and unauthorized key duplication.
The two locks that we see in New York which are the most common are Medeco and Mul-t-Lock. They both are very similar when it comes to basic high security locks and offer pick resistance. Mult-t-lock however, offers the highest degree of unauthorized key duplication between the two and has many locks that offer different levels of security. So between both high security locks, we would suggest that Mul-t-lock be your first line of defense.
Some of the other lock brands that we have on the list for residential security are all high quality locks. What differentiates the other locks is, that they only offer the minimal basic security. The lock brands include, Kwikset, Segal” Jimmy Proof Locks”, Arrow, Yale, Sargent, Maxtech, Baldwin, Emtek and Marks. Some of those brands make locks that cost as much as a cheap car but that does not mean that they offer more security. 
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