Deadbolt vs Jimmy Proof Deadbolt

jimmy proof lock
Schlage B60V619 Single Cylinder Keyed Entry Deadbolt

Jimmy Proof Locks are the alternative of the original single sided Dead Bolt Lock with one exception, they usually get installed on metal doors in apartment buildings. Jimmy Proof locks are shaped like an oval and both sides have a flat side which has a dead bolt. The deadbolt, can slide up and down into a metal strike plate when the door is in the closed position.. The strike attaches to the frame of the door, so the bolt can slide in and out. Jimmy Proof Deadbolt locks are simple looking but can be difficult to install which is why you should always consult with a licensed locksmith in White Plains New York. The Jimmy Proof lock capable of usage on either side of the door and come in many functions so they can be used for many functions. When a locksmith installs a door, they have the option of making the door an in-swing and out-swing door and left handed or right handed. What makes Jimmy-Proof Deadbolts different from a standard dead-bolt is that the original dead bolt is an all in one lock system and the Jimmy proof will require a cylinder for the lock to function.

Jimmy proof locks work best on metal doors

Jimmy Proof Locks can be found on the inside of an apartment building door made from aluminum. Jimmy Proof Locks restrict access to the inner portion of the Lock from the front of the door. The reason why this lock was made is to make a lock that cannot be pried with a crowbar. it is a very simple lock that offer great security and can be used with high security cylinders.
Jimmy Proof Locks are often applied in cities and urban areas such as Yonkers and White Plains, NY

So if you need a Jimmy Proof Deadbolt Lock installed the best way to do it would be by calling your local White Plains Locksmith for any services that require security. Many companies make Jimmy-Proof locks such as Segal, Marks, Schlage and Arrow. High security Lock companies such as Medeco, Mul-T-Lock also make these locks but with high security options that make it almost impossible to break into.

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