Automotive Smart key Technology

What is a Smart Key? Smart Keys are used for the replacment of traditional car keys, but the do a lot more than just lock and unlock doors. Smart Keys transmit a signal that allows you to open your car door, start your car while away and in the automobile and much more. Smart keys start the car by push-button which is located in the vecheile and can remote start the automobile while you are away from the car. With many smart keys you can actually walk up to the car and the door automaticlly unlocks, without the need for you to push a button.

Gone are the days of using traditional keys to open your car and start the engine. More and more automobile mnufacturers are offering customers smart keys and in many casses it is the only option when it comes to new cars.

Are Smart Keys good at preventing auto-theft? For starters, smart key systems use a rolling code technology and no two smart keys are the same. They are completley computerized to a computer system in your car or truck and if the computer does not reconize the key, the computer inside the vehicle will not let it start.

The smart Key system has become so advanced that they are now giving consumers the ability to unlock their car through smart-phones. Thats right many companies now offer this technology as an addon to the traditional smart key.

24 hour Westchester Locksmith Company, has a Universal Smart Key system, which allows us to use many differant key styles for your automobile. For Instance if you have a Honda smart key and you prefered that they key look like the one BMW provides, we have the ability to make your system work with that key. The system that we use for this was developed by Autel. The sell many differant remote types and each and everyone can work for almost any make or model car. 

If you need a smart key or have one that needs to be programmed we can help. We deal with all makes and model cars and we are mobile. 24 Hours a day or night we make our selves available for your automotive security.

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