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Smart locks are battery powered locks when used for residential homes that give you access without the use of a key.

Smart locks give users a keyless entry and unlocking solutions for your residential property. People have employed the use of conventional locks for more then 2,000, however with technology advancing, smart locks are a ekectronic acess system without the huge expense associated with upgrading to keyless entry locks.

Most smart locks utilize a wireless network and allow usage with mobile apps as well as other digital systems. There are many options available that allow you to use various methods of entry, such as voice command, fingerprint or a smartphone app.

How Do Smart Locks Work?

Smart locks use new technology and offer users a electronic/battery powered way to unlock or lock the door to your property. Smart Locks allow you to enter your home or apartment without a key and give you the option to have a key as a secondary backup option.

Most smart locks have options that will set the lock to auto-lock when you close your door. You can change the settings in your mobile app or on your computer when sharing a network. Many smart locks have options such as speaker options so you can speak to people at the door, video/voice chat and much more.

Smart locks also let you know who enters and exits through the lock and they give data reports.

the purpose of smart locks is convenience, and you can set temporary user pass codes to allow others to come and go without giving them a physical key.

Accessing your lock with your smart phone

To give remote access to your smart lock, you will need a WiFi enabled or a Bluetooth Ilco smart lock that is connected to a smart home hub. You can also lock and unlock your door from your phone.

Schlage Smart lock apps as mentioned above, will let you create temporary user pass codes, so you can let in your friends, babysitter and guests enter your home.

More important on many Schlage smart locks, you can set a time that the user code will be available. For instance if your babysitter is to arrive at your home at 1pm and stay until 5pm, you can set her code to only work at that time and on specific days.

Reasons to upgrade to a smart lock

There are a many good reasons for adeplacing a traditional lock and adding a Yale smart lock to your home, but the main reason we like Kwikset smart locks is because they are versatile. Such as the ability to give temporary passwords to visitors, removing the need to make copies of keys for family members, and providing peace of mind when away from home.


Now is a great time to add or replace your current tradional locks with a new Smart Lock. We have many brands to choose from and the installation process is quick and simple. Pleasefeel free to contact us with questions regarding this topic. We offer free estimates on all residential and commercial installations and would be glad to help you on your smart lock journey.

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